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How much of your company's information do you want to be displayed on your website and what do you want to be found for ?. Each subject of a website's content is defined under a title menu where it can be found in a sitemap to match your users expectations. A well thought out menu structure is key to having successful site navigation. A menu structure that is carefully thought out in regards to SEO keywords and phrases is a fundamental way to have your website show up in search. This is what is know as “on page SEO” where having a strategic and thought out menu structure linked to related landing page articles that provide relevant content to not only the site visitors but search engines as well. When we first start the development process of a site build, we sit down with the client and discuss various aspects of their business and what key features they want to be found for online. We then take that information and investigate some specific keyword and keyphrase research utilizing some of the best industry keyword search software available. Once we have created your site in a systematic outline form it is then linked correctly to the related landing pages.

we have found that a simple drop down menu hierarchy is always the best choice. It provides a very user-friendly and easy to read format for both desktop and mobile devices. We strive to make site navigation with no bulk nesting or chaotic hunting for information that will lead to a site visitor to get confused or frustrated and eventually just give up looking on your site and head to your competition. (You would be surprised of how many sites that have been wrongly developed like this … Even large corporate sites).

A recent site we did for a landscaping company had very good results instead of heading in the direction of “landscaping” (a very saturated keyword online) we had found that in the area of Greenwich, CT (were this client wanted to target). We noticed lots of searches for “property maintenance” were being inquired but not a lot of sites were targeting this search phrase. As you can see this client still remains on the top of the page for “property maintenance Greenwich, CT".

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