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Cloud Hosting Service

Cloudbase hosting is one of the most reliable ways to do business on the Internet. Our web hosting service is extremely fast and reliable. With cloud-based hosting your website does not rely on just one server rather a cluster of servers that work together. Your site is fully backed up every 24hrs this greatly reduces risk in case of a server malfunction. We provide unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email addresses, and managed DNS.

Bolt-DNS is built for hosting cloud-based applications. Bolt-DNS uses a proven technology called Anycasting. Anycasting is a Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) that makes sure you always talk to the nearest Bolt-DNS server. Our Bolt-DNS servers are located in data centers all over the world and close to your home. When a customer types in your web address from their home workplace, that customer will reach our nearest Bolt-DNS point of presence - the nearest data center to your home. In effect, this makes any application hosted with 203websitedesign.com faster. Additionally, the cloud hosting service we use manages thousands of domains and owns its own IP addresses. We have special relationships with remote data centers that route our IP addresses. These remote data centers work at the BGP level and accept our Anycasting DNS Network. We route DNS faster and better than any other DNS provider online. Each Bolt-DNS network is specially built to serve DNS.

Improving your SEO with our Bolt-DNS. Google and other search engines require that your site meets speed guidelines, along with other guidelines, before placing your site at the top of a search engine results page (SERP). By using the Bolt-DNS network you will instantly eliminate any possibility that your site will not be listed on a SERP because of DNS issues.

Bolt-DNS is a worldwide DNS service built into our Cloud Hosting platform and distributed to any domain name purchased through us. Bolt-DNS is ready-to-go DNS platform built for speed offered with our monthly Basic hosting plan if you own a domain name you should be using Bolt-DNS. Improve the speed, SEO and security of your website and experience the fastest supported DNS network available.

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