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An effective SEO strategy will deliver great results for your company’s online ranking in search engine results such as Google. We at 203websitedesign.com have developed a highly effective strategy to get your business found online here in Connecticut. We have seen our share of so called “SEO Experts” that scam you out of your money guaranteeing you top site ranking almost over night (I'm sure you have had a phone call like that in the past). Google even warns people that no one can guarantee search engine ranking order. It can certainly be improved but certainly is not something that can be done overnight. If you're serious about getting your business found online then you have to first understand that SEO is a ongoing systematic process. Optimizing a Website for search engines (and yes there is more then one of them) is split into two main categories (On Page SEO) and (Off Page SEO) and we have specifically designed a good working strategy for small business websites based in Connecticut.

We don't try to confuse you with a bunch of “high tech phrases” We effectively communicate and build a strategy that will get found online. We strive to be the best SEO company in Connecticut. Give us a call and talk to one of our SEO experts today for online marketing, social media marketing or for a free SEO website analysis.

Building your own website

People sometimes make the decision to build a do-it-yourself site. There are many choices that allow users to get online fairly quickly. however this venture sometimes can be very difficult if you have limited knowledge in both web development and graphic design. Sometimes this can be great for an entrepreneur just starting out who needs a online web presence. The downside of this approach is that most of these (DIY) sites will probably get lost in the millions of websites racing to be on the first page of google. Don’t expect this site to be found, unless someone is specifically looking up your web address.

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