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Websites need written content it's just that simple. Although the written content shouldn't just be simple, it needs to be well written and informative to your site visitor. Every landing page within your website should have unique written information for that specific titled landing page ( just like the page you're reading right now about Content Writing ) The most simplest way to explain this process is as follows.SEO Content Marketing A search Engine's main purpose is to return the best possible match for what the user was searching for. A modern website needs to be developed this way and well written content has a lot to do with a website success of being found in search. You might have even heard the buzz phrase in this industry “Content is King” we’re not sure if it's king but it is certainly part of the royal family. Content writing is truly an art form nowadays and for some it just flows naturally other start off with writer's block after a few sentences.

Clients sometimes provide us with written website content that we just simply code into place and others chose to use our creative writing services. Typically in that case we discuss with our client what specific topics they would like to communicate to their website visitors and our writer researches that topic and develops some original content for that webpage. A basic website landing page should have a minimum of 200-300 words per article topic. Again these articles need to be informative not only to the sites reader but to search engines as well. I'm sure at one point in your research on SEO you've heard the term “Keywords” used ?. Nowadays the use of keywords for search engines has changed a bit from the past and it's more about “keyword phrases”, “keyword research” and word density within a written article. The days of saying I want to be found for “best pizza” “Connecticut” and just simply repeating those words all over your site multiple times doesn't really hold merit anymore, actually it hurts your website's ranking.

Modern SEO content writing is more about creating “original content” (information on a topic that hasn't been written online before) researching search phrases or inquiries with the use of analytic software to see what people are typing into search engines to find a specific service or product within a Geographic area.

Typically our content writing service (dependent on the amount of research per topic) is about $150-175.00 per article (200-300) words. This service is not included in our *Basic, or *Basic+ Website package.

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